Facebook Pixel and Ad Objectives Guide For Amazon Sellers (Part II)

This is part two in our Facebook ads series. See part I for an introduction to Facebook ads. As we talked about in our previous article, Facebook ads have become the go to marketing platform for eCommerce and retail businesses.  In the last years, Facebook has improved custom audiences, allowing users … Read More

Email Marketing for Amazon FBA Sellers

If you are following on from our last post you will hopefully already understand the benefits of building a list and have started building your own. The next question is, what’s the most effective way to cultivate and monetize your lists? Without using effective email marketing strategies, you risk burning … Read More

Email List Building Strategies for Amazon FBA Sellers

So you’re up and running as an Amazon FBA seller, perhaps with decent sales, but still you desire greater business growth. While Amazon is a great place to sell products, it’s almost impossible to cultivate a customer base there. As an Amazon seller, you have to take the good with … Read More

Using Facebook Ads to Skyrocket Your Amazon Sales

  As the largest and fastest growing social platforms ever created, Facebook is the benchmark for which all others social traffic sources are compared. With 1.39 billion active users every month, it’s a hive of activity and that means plenty of opportunity for people with something to sell! The development of … Read More